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American Meter Gas Meter



Controlled Energy Corporation (CEC) is the best source for high efficiency and high performance water heaters. Whether you're searching for a water heater that is friendlier to the environment, convenient and reliable for the home, or well suited for an office complex, CEC can provide a water heating solution.


CEC Products:

Bosch AquaStar tankless gas water heaters provide anendless supply of hot water and save money by using energy only when you're using hot water.
The PowerStar electric tankless water heater is designedto replace your electric storage tank heater. Install a PowerStar, and you can enjoy the performance and efficiency of a tankless water heater with the convenience of electric power.
T-K1 tankless gas water heaters supply high volumes of hot water with unmatched efficiency and can be installed inside or outside the home making the T-K1 the most powerful, versatile and efficient water heater available in the U.S.
Powerstream instantaneous, electric, point-of-use water heaters are also tankless, providing hot water when you need it, where you need it at the tap.
Redesigned from the ground up by the world's leading point-of-use water heater manufacturer, the new GL Series features a 6 Gallon Plus model, glass-lined tanks, a 6 year warranty, and exceptional recovery time.

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