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Level Switches
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Level Control Products


Series BLS-7 Side Mounted - Non Alloy Level Switch. The BLS-7 is Non-Metallic and utilizes a welded no-leak construction. It has a compact size as well as a broad media compatibility. This switch is ideal for small tanks and vessels. It uses side mounting; Internal or External.
Series BLS-1700 Single Stage - Shallow Tank Level Switch. The BLS-1750 has a Compact Design for shallow tanks. It uses Internal Mounting, Top or Bottom and has a broad media compatibility.

Series BLS-1800 and Series BLS-1950 Level Switches. These series are Single Stage - Top Mount switches. They utilize an intermediate Size Float, internal, top or bottom mounting and have a Broad Media Compatibility.

Series BLS-1900 Level Switch. These switches are designed for Single Stage and Rugged Service. The series BLS-1900 has a Large Float Displacement which makes it ideal for Rugged Service and suitable for High Viscosity Liquids. It utilizes Internal, top or bottom mounting and has a broad media compatibility.

Series BLS-800 Level Switch. This switch is a Top Mount, Multi-Stage (to 11' Length) level switch. The BLS-800 Series level switch is designed to meet your exact specifications. Flexibility is offered by over 1,400 different combinations of mounting types, float types and sizes, stem and mounting materials, actuation points, electrical ratings and overall length. The BLS-800 Series switches can be constructed in lengths from 1 foot (300mm) to 11 feet (3,300mm). Additionally, a temperature switch or thermistor can easily be added - twice the versatility in one simple device.
Series BLS-810 Level Switch. This Level switch actually does both Temperature and Level. It can be factory set with a temperature to yield a high or low limit output as well as a level output. It utilizes internal, top or bottom mounting and has a broad media compatibility.

LevelSiteニ Engineered Plastic to 90 psig (6 bar), Magnetic Level Gauge Models LSSP; LTSP; LTBP; LSBP. For use in oil, water, and corrosive environments High purity water Acid tanks. Available in PVC, PVDF, and PP. Can withstand a wide range of corrosive and caustic liquids. Ideal for moderate-pressure systems to 90 psig (6 bar) Liquid is isolated from instrumentation and rotating flags. Ideal for clear, colorless liquids. Available in continuous lengths to 10 feet (3 meters) and multiple lengths on request. Temperature: 140ェ (60イ) maximum for PVC 180ェ (80イ) maximum for PP 285ェ (140イ) maximum for PVDF.

Mini-LevelSiteニ Alloy to 350 psig (24 bar)Models LMSSM; LMTSM; LMTBM; LMSBM. Easy replacement for sight glasses. Eliminates breakage and cloudy glass. Ideal for clear, colorless liquids. Safe, accident-proof design eliminates dangerous liquid spills. Rugged construction assures reliable service and long life. Floats available in Buna-N or stainless steel. Instrumentation and rotating flags are isolated from media. Available in continuous lengths to 20 feet (6meters). For use with oil, water and aggressive liquids. Food & beverage equipment, Textile dyeing equipment. Anywhere that a traditional sight glass is used.

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