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Danfoss Electric Heating Products DANFOSS ELECTRIC FLOOR HEATING Danfoss Electric Heating Products


Danfoss Heated mats

DANFOSS LX electric floor heating systems consist of Danfoss LX heating cables and Danfoss LX heating mats controlled by Danfoss LX electronic thermostats.

DANFOSS LX provides efficient room heating, be it at home, in your bathroom or living room, at the office, in a work shop, sports hall or virtually anywhere that requires comfortable warmth.

DANFOSS LX under-floor heating is used in new construction, or it can be fitted on top of existing flooring, as you would do if you upgrade or renovate a bathroom.

DANFOSS LX floor heating can be used as the sole heating source in the room, or as an additional source of heat, making the floor comfortably warm.

DANFOSS LX can be installed under any kind of floor including new concrete floors, replaced bathroom floors, or new or renovated wooden floors.

Heat rises!

This simple fact explains why DANFOSS LX HEATING MATS provides a more comfortable warmth than forced air systems. Forced air systems project heat up nearly at head height which then travels upwards to the ceiling only to return down as a cool draft around one's feet. DANFOSS LX floor heating, on the other hand, provides a pleasing warmth under your feet, with a comfortable gradient of cooler heat radiating up toward the body and head. As it produces nearly imperceptible air circulation, the number of airborne dust particles is reduced which naturally brings great relief to people with allergies or asthma.



Optimum Comfort

Danfoss LX electric floor heating gives you the luxury and comfort of a warm floor.

Sound Operating Economy

The intelligent Danfoss thermostat ensures accurate temperature control with minimal energy use.

Invisible Heating

Installed beneath the floor , Danfoss LX gives you complete freedom when furnishing your room.

Simple Installation

Being ultra thin, less than 1/8", the Danfoss LX heating mats can be installed just below the surface within the floor compound.


The Danfoss LX electrical floor heating mats are covered by a 10-year warranty.



Danfoss LX mat

Danfoss LX heating mats are the main component of an electric radiant floor heating system designed to enhance the comfort of home or office space.

Floor warming system suitable for tile, wood, stone, and concrete surfaces.

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, living areas, and work space

Danfoss LX provides an efficient means of comfort and room heating.

Reduces the transmission of dust, allergens and other airborne particulate matter. 

Silent, efficient heating, lower in cost than that of a forced air system.



Product Features


Single point connection

Advanced, durable construction

Only 1/8 in height

Comprehensive 10 year warranty

Technical Data

Mat construction: Thermoplastic polymer coated fiberglass

Cable construction: Twin conductor

Height: 1/8"

Rated voltage: 120V, 240V

Rated temperature: 120F

Conductor Insulation: FEP

Outer sheath: PVDF 120F

Approvals: CSA, UL

Warranty: 10 years


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