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See-Flo Flow Meters


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ERDCO 3200 See-Flo Indicating Flow Meter

Anderson-Bolds sells ERDCO 3200 See-Flo Indicating Flow Meters online.

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ERDCO See-Flo meters indicate flow rate and permit visual inspection of water, air or other transparent fluids. For general purpose industrial service, See-Flo meters handle a wide range of process fluids in vertical or horizontal piping runs.

The wedge shape of the meter housing makes See-Flo practically self-cleaning. Where periodic maintenance might be necessary, the tempered glass window is easily removed and replaced. Because of its large internal cavities this product will not plug up like the old glass tube "rotameters".

Each flowmeter is calibrated to be direct reading for the liquid or gas operating conditions that you specify. Scales with special engineering units and dual units of measure are available.

Applications: Transparent Liquid or Gases
Functions: Direct Reading flow rate and Observe fluid condition
Features: Lowest Cost Meter; No power required; Calibrated for application conditions
Materials: Aluminum, brass or 316 stainless steel
Pressure Limit: 200 psig
Temperature Limit: 400F (400 requires Viton or EPM O-rings)
Pipe Sizes: 1/2 to 12 inches

Units can have flow from:

Left to Right

ERDCO left to right 3200 See-Flo Indicating Flow Meter

Right to Left

ERDCO right to left 3200 See-Flo Indicating Flow Meter

Vertical UPwards flow

ERDCO bottom to top 3200 See-Flo Indicating Flow Meter

Vertical DOWNwards flow

ERDCO top to bottom 3200 See-Flo Indicating Flow Meter


Instantaneous Flow Measurement and Indication

Observe Fluid Conditions: Color, Clarity, Flow

Can be used in Horizontal or Vertical Orientations

User Selectable Turn down flow Ranges: 10:1

User Selectable units of measurement and dual units available

No Floats to get stuck, tubes to break or dynamic seals to leak

Low Pressure Loss

Long Service life due to simple design.

ERDCO Engineering Company SEE-FLO meters are variable area flow meters (rotameter). The internal volume of the housing enlarges from the inlet to the outlet. The primary element is a tempered alloy vane with one end affixed to the apex of the meter housing. As the flow changes, the vane is flexed in direct proportion.

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