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Watlow solid state power controllers complement the rapid switching required by PID temperature controls and help deliver optimum system performance and service life. Available in 1-phase and 3-phase/2-leg and 3-leg configuration, Watlow power controllers meet most industrial heating applications. Random, zero cross or phase angle fire options allow for a variety of applications.

• Semiconductor processing
• Plastics processing
• Heat treating
• Drying ovens
• Food processing
• Petroleum/chemical
• Lighting equipment
• Furnace/oven


The DIN-A-MITE family is the ideal solid state replacement for mercury displacement relays (MDRs) in an easy-to-install, compact, touch-safe package. The solid state power controllers provides SCR control, heatsink, wiring and touch-safe exterior in one package. By designing the DIN-A-MITE as a total power controller unit, the need to prep wires for terminals, locate the right heatsink and determine adequate terminations is eliminated. It's a complete package you can install easily with CONTROL CONFIDENCE®.

Four DIN-A-MITE styles meet most power controller needs with ratings from 18 to 100 amps with voltages from 24 to 600V~(ac). The four models match load requirements with 1-phase, 3-phase/2-leg and 3-phase/3-leg switching. The controllers also provide a convenient DIN-rail and sub-panel mount package.

DIN-rail or sub-panel mount Versatile, quick and low cost installation
Compact size Reduces panel space and reduces cost
Touch safe exterior Safe; protects against inadvertent electric shock
Same footprint as comparably rated mercury displacement relays (MDRs) Easy replacement with environmentally safe product; no mercury problems
Variable time base control meets the rapid switching demands of PID temperature control Helps deliver more accurate process control; increases heater life by reducing over- and undershoot
Rugged back-to-back SCR design Insures long term reliability

Watlow Power Controls Din-A-Mite


Microprocessor-Based SCR Power Controller Designed for Application Flexibility

For over thirty years Watlow® has been manufacturing solid state power controllers. Watlow's new POWER SERIES represents the latest in SCR power controller technology. This microprocessor-based product offers features and application flexibility unmatched by any other SCR power controller on the market today.

Capabilities include single-phase and three-phase models from 65 to 250 amps. Field configurable phase angle or zero-cross firing improves application flexibility on site where you need it. 50/60Hz independent operation means you can operate almost everywhere in the world without special calibration considerations. Serial communications utilizing Modbus® protocol allow for remote control setup, and monitoring of load status from a nearby computer station or control room.

On-board semiconductor fusing improves reliability by protecting the SCRs from heater short circuits. Plus, on-board heater bakeout and control diagnostics can help eliminate initial start up problems. All this in a touch-safe package that can be quickly and easily mounted in your control cabinet.

Agency approvals ensure a product that meets world safety and operational standards. You can be assured your power controller will be ideal wherever you choose to do business.

Microprocessor-based technology Extremely versatile, field configurable
Snap-fit on a pre-mounted plate Easy installation
Models 65 through 250 amp ratings Handles a wide range of loads
Adjustable soft start Application flexibility
Heater and control diagnostics capabilities Monitor actual heater and control performance
Electrically touch-safe package Increased safety for installer and users
Serial communications with Modbus® RTU protocol Computer control and/or monitoring
Multi-zone capability Increased application flexibility, reduced panel space


Watlow Power Series Controllers


CZR Solid State Contactors

The new SERIES CZR solid state contactor from Watlow® provides a low-cost, highly compact and versatile solid state option for controlling electric heat. With DIN-rail and back panel mounting standard on every controllers, the CZR allows for simple and quick installation.

The extensive capabilities of the SERIES CZR include single-phase, 24 to 50 amp zero-cross and random switching up to 600V~ (see output rating curve). The unique integrated design removes the guesswork associated with selecting a proper heat sink and precise terminations for the application.

This controller holds many agency approvals and is ideal for applications that require UL®, CSA and CE approvals. SERIES CZR contactors are available in V (ac/dc) input contactor versions. All configurations are model number dependent and factory selectable.
The SERIES CZR is reliably backed by a two-year warranty from Watlow.

DIN-rail or standard panel mount Versatile, quick and low-cost installation
Compact size Reduces panel space; less cost
Touch-safe terminals Increases safety for installer and operator
Mercury free Environmentally safe
Faster switching with solid state Saves energy and extends heater life
UL® 508 recognized, CSA LR700195 certified and CE 60950, VDE 0805 applied for Applications requiring agency approval
Back-to-back SCR design Rugged design

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