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The Heated Mat - Electric Snow & Ice Melting

No more snow shoveling, snow blowing, harsh chemicals or in-ground systems

In sizes: 3x5 ~ 4x6 ~ 3x10 ~ 4x12 (ft)

Snow Melting Mats to:

Melt snow on contact. 140 BTU per sq. ft. of heat output

Reduce Slip & Falls - Eliminates ice build-up from forming on ramps around the clock for a safe walkway 24/7

May be used outdoors or indoors (details below)

Reduce the damage to floors, door jams and concrete from salt and calcium chloride

Guaranteed worry free clear entrances 24/7

Low Profile - Ease of use for wheel chairs or walkers.

Non-slip surface provide optimum traction year round, in snow or rain.

Self Regulating temperature - Mat maintains proper temperature for melting ice.

In-Line Safety Device*

Service Voltage: 120V Circuit

Breaker Rating: 15 Amp

* All electronic components are UL listed.


The Heated Mat Indoors

The Heated Mat produces a portable radiant heat that can be used in area requiring heat, including indoors. This is an ideal mat for high traffic areas where snow, ice and slush can be tracked in.

Some suggested indoor uses are:

Work Stations

Vestibule Areas

Assembly Lines

Guard Shacks

Shipping and Receiving Areas

There are endless applications for this mat. It's very economical to use and also has a timer option to turn the mat on or off automatically. Very easy installation, just roll out and plug in. Based on research in a 60 degree area the mat reached a temperature of 100 degrees.

The heated snow-mat is inexpensive to operate, costing pennies a day to run!



3' x 5' (actual size 36" x 69")

3' x 10' (actual size 36" x 133")

4' x 6' (actual size 45" x 82")

4' x 12 '(actual size 45" x 156")

Custom sizes on request - Please call Anderson-Bolds at 216-360-9800

Thickness: 3/8"

Material: 100% High Grade Nitrile rubber

Cord Length: 10'

Anchoring System: Grommets on all four corners

Weight (approx): 3' x 5' - 31lbs, 4' x 6 - 50lbs', 4' x 12' - 100lbs

Heating Element*

Voltage: 120 volts AC

Heat Output: 35 Watts per sq. ft. or 140 BTU per sq. ft.

* All electronic components are UL listed.

The Heated Mat is easy to operate—simply plug it in using the 10 foot cord that incorporates an inline GFCI. Using standard 120VAC, 15A circuit, all electrical components are UL listed.

Corner grommets allow The Heated Mat to be anchored if desired. Offered in black, high grade Nitrile rubber, The Heated Mat is durable and is designed to be left outside and operated for the entire winter season. It may be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

The Heated Mat Snow Melting Entrance Mats

Mid-December 2005 availability


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