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Anderson-Bolds Heated Anti-fatigue and Anti-Slip Mats

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These plug-in heated, under desk floor mat provides warmth and anti-fatigue comfort in cold climates and winter months. The warmed foam and vinyl mat is both safer and more economical than a space heater.

Features & Benefits:

Winter Warmth Mat generates a radiant heat which creates an extremely comfortable even heat while reducing fatigue and stimulating circulation.

Timer accessory assures that never again will an owner or manager need to return to the office to make sure space heaters are turned off. It also provides on-off function so the mat does not have to be plugged/unplugged to control function.

Even should the Winter Warmth Mat be left on, the low voltage assures safety and lower energy costs.

Ideal for people who spend long hours on their feet or in cold environments, including bank tellers, toll booth operators, machinists and any other users of space heaters.

Two versions:

A gray, heated anti-fatigue mat normally for under-the-desk or similar office applications (above)

A black, heated anti-slip mat for standing applications where slip resistance is vital (below).

Anti-slip version includes the application of 3M™ Safety-Walk™ mineral-coated, slip-resistant surface.


The overall thickness of the Winter Warmth Mat is 1/2" consisting of 3/8" foam and a 1/8 vinyl finish. This mat reduces fatigue from either sitting or standing and has beveled edges on all four sides making it ideal for many applications.

The Winter Warmth mat runs on 120 VAC with a 6 foot cord with GFCI included.

The Winter Warmth Mat timer accessory can be preset so the mat will turn on or off automatically creating a warm working environment before you even get to work.

There is a two year warranty/replacement policy.

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