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TRC Shock Shield
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TRC - Technology Research Corp.      TRC - Technology Research Corporation

TRC is Committed to Offering Electrical Safety Protection Solutions for People, Property and Equipment

Shock Shield - Cable Mats - Fire Shield - Temporary Power - HD-Pro - TRC Safety Video


TRC Shock Shield / HD-Pro GFCI / ELCI Products TRC Shock Shield products are every day electrical safety devices for use at home, the office, on construction sites or wherever people use portable electrical equipment in wet locations.  These devices are required to be used throughout the USA in accordance with the following nationally accepted regulations:

NEC (2008) Article 590.6 Temporary Installations

OSHA Standard for General Industry, 1910 Subpart S

OSHA Standard for Construction Industry, 1926.404(b)(i)(ii)
? UL 943

Shock Shield products also meet Canadian Standard CSA CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 144.1-06

The Shock Shield HD-PRO series provides heavy duty ground fault protection for high current, rugged environments.  Available in 120V/30A single phase to 600V/80A three phase.

TRC Temporary Power TRC Power temporary power distribution units have been engineered for ruggedness and utilize the latest in GFCI technology, providing users with a high degree of electrical safety.  This equipment is designed to safely distribute temporary power in areas such as construction sites and other jobsite environments either indoors or outdoors.  The versatile TRC Power unit is ideal for use where supplying GFCI protected power is essential to protecting your personnel.  It is also essential for distributing power safely during natural disasters and other emergencies, especially from generators and other temporary power sources.
Cable Management Avoiding costly electrical accidents and/or downtime is critical to all businesses.  Cables are the conduits of power, telecommunications and fluids.  Protecting these cables and the people in this environment is of paramount importance.
Unprotected cables risk damage from vehicles and pedestrian traffic.  They also pose a tripping and entanglement hazard for personnel.  All can result in costly repairs and downtime.
TRCís cable management systems, Yellow Jacket, Black Jacket, E-rig and Electriduct provide a variety of cable protection to meet your specific needs from light weight loads to heavy loads up to 21,000 pounds.  These solutions support above ground and on the ground requirements.
TRC Fire Shield Power Strips The only cord with built-in fire protection! State-of-the-art electronics detect cord damage and disconnect power in 25/1000 of a second, preventing cord fires.  Every six minutes there is a cord-related fire in the United States.  The special braided shield allows the plug-mounted electronics to continuously monitor for insulation breakdown or broken/frayed conductors.  Standard electrical cords have no means of monitoring for leakage currents and cannot shut off power before these currents can arc and start a fire.  Fire Shield technology is available on extension cords, a variety of surge strips, and is also utilized by many manufacturers of portable room air conditioners.  Protect your family and equipment from the damaging effects of power surges and spikes.

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