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Regulating Valves
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ROBERTSHAW Regulating Valves for

Temperature and Pressure

Robertshaw SATR's (self-actuated temperature regulators) have thermal systems combining the responsiveness of vapor pressure and the positive action of liquid transmission. Sylphon seamless metal bellows actuators are offered in three sizes to provide the correct combination of power, speed of response and stability for many temperature control applications.

The full range of available valve styles includes sizes 1/4" thru 6", single-seated and double-seated in selected sizes. Direct and reverse-acting valves are offered for heating or cooling service. A single-seated fully-balanced direct-acting valve style MA, is standard for 3/4" thru 2" sizes. Three-way valves are offered for blending, mixing, or diverting service. Robertshaw has now added stainless steel bodies in 1/2" thru 2".

Adjustable temperature ranges are provided from -35 to as high as 480F. Exact range limits and setpoint adjustment spans are determined by operating characteristics of individual regulator styles.

Temperature overrun protection is standard. A variety of thermal bulb styles and armored capillary tube lengths up to 50 feet are offered.


Model RT-1001-B1
Two-way-single-seated and double-seated valves, direct and reverse-acting. Three-way valves for mixing or diverting. Sizes 1/4" to 4" . Wide throttling band for maximum stability. Approximately 60F spans from -20F to 480F.
Model RT-1001-P thru S "Quick Ship"
Fixed specification of the RT-1001-B1 SATR sizes 1/2" to 2" for heating or cooling, built to order and shipped in 5 days or less. Guaranteed
Model RT-1003/RT-1009 Series
Same valve selection as RT-1001-B1. Medium throttling band. More power and sensitivity than RT-1001-B1. Approximately 60F spans between -25F and 455F. Available with thermometer integral with thermal system for indication. RT-1009 has override for manually positioning valve.
Model RT-1004 Series
Same valve selection as RT-1001-B1. Extra large actuating bellows for narrow throttling band, maximum power and sensitivity. Larger thermal bulbs. Approximately 45F spans between 35F and 425F
Model RT-921 Series
Small overall size. Sizes 1/4" through 1" with or without temperature indication. Excellent for OEM applications.
Model RT-1006-B1/RT-1007-A1
Fail-safe design. Should damage to thermal system cause loss of thermal charge, direct-acting valve (heating service) closes and reverse-acting valve (cooling service) opens to prevent overheating. Valve sizes 1/4" to 1" on RT-1006-B1; 1-1/4" to 4" for RT-1007-A1 with extra large bellows actuator. Approximately 30F spans between -50F and 325F



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