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Level Controls by Robertshaw, Barksdale, Penberthy and MDI

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Mercury Displacement Industries (MDI)

Robertshaw level instrumentation products use the cutting edge digital solid state design for on/off and continuous level measurement in tanks, pumps, silos and other vessels or containers.

Robertshaw level instrumentation accurately gauges liquids, powders, granular, lump and flake materials. Robertshaw sensing probes are the primary elements used with Robertshaw Level-Tek, Level-Tel, microprocessor-based Level-Lance and Excalibur 7000 instruments for level indication or control of granular or liquid materials, whether they are conductive, non-conductive, viscous or low-density powders.

Robertshaw probe design allows for easy installation. Entrance glands may have pipe threads or they can be supplied with standard ANSI B16.5 flange construction.

Barksdale float level controls can be used in any application where simple contact level control is acceptable.

Our floats are made of plastic, stainless steel and brass with Buna N trim. Floats can be used a temperature range from -40 to 240 degrees F. A temperature switch can be built into the level float for dual control.

Our MDI Liquid Level Floats are designed to control simple level control applications. Most commonly these floats are used for sump pump operation, pump on and pump off. The floats below are all Normally Open and have black floats. MDI can supply these floats in other colors and in Normally closed constructions. Penberthy's MULTIVIEW™ Magnetic Liquid Level Gages can be built to serve practically any process industry situation.

From the simplest operation to the most severe, corrosive environment, Penberthy can construct a system to
best suit your company’s requirements.

As pioneers in magnetic gage level indication and as creators of the unique concentric magnet design, Penberthy has the expertise to know what design, specifications and options best fit any given application. Contact a Penberthy representative to discuss specific duty requirements in your operation.

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