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Electronic Timers and Counters by ATC, SSAC, Carlo Gavazzi, Tenor and Saia-Burgess

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Anderson-Bolds specifies and stocks mechanical and digital timers and counters


Our Timer modes of operation include, on delay, off delay, interval, recycle, one shot and 7 day/24 hour timers.

Our timers styles are panel mount, plug in (1/4 Din, 72mm ), octal and 11 PIN(,48mm and 1/8 din), surface mount (2x2) and DIN rail mount

Timer Types

  • Mechanical Timers
  • Percentage % Timers
  • Digital Set Timers
  • Digital Display Timers
  • Counters

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Modes of Operation

On Delay-- OPERATION: Upon application of power, the time delay begins. The output is de- energized before and during the time delay. At the end of the time delay, the output is energized (relay is transferred) and remains energized until power is removed.

RESET: Removing power resets the time delay and output.

Interval Timing-- OPERATION:Upon application of power, the time delay begins. The output is energized (relay is transferred) during the time delay. At the end of time delay the output is de-energized and remains de-energized until power is removed.

RESET: Removing power resets the time delay and the output.

Off Delay- OPERATION:Power must be applied to the input before and during timing. Upon closure of the initiate switch, the output is energized (relay is transferred). The time delay begins when the initiate switch is opened (trailing edge triggered). The output remains energized during timing. At the end of the time delay, the output is de-energized. The output will energize if the initiate switch is closed when power is applied.

RESET:Reclosing the initiate switch during timing resets the time delay. Loss of power resets the time delay and output.

Recycle Timer/Percentage Timing-- OPERATION: ( ON TIME FIRST) Upon application of power, the output is energized (relay is transferred) and the ON time begins. At the end of the ON time, the output de-energizes and the OFF time begins. At the end of the OFF time, the output is energized and the cycle repeats as long as power is applied. The OFF time may be the first delay in some recycling timers.

RESET: Removing power resets the output and time delays, and returns the sequence to the first delay.

Single Shot-- OPERATION:Power must be applied to the input before and during timing. Upon momentary or maintained closure of the initiate switch (leading edge triggered), the output is energized (relay is transferred) for a measured interval of time. At the end of the delay, the output de-energizes. Opening or reclosing the initiate switch during timing has no effect on the time delay.

RESET:Reset occurs when the time delay is complete and the initiate switch is opened. Loss of power resets the time delay and output.

Multi-Function Timers-- OPERATION: A timer having two or more of the above functions with a selector switch to chose the function required. The reset would depend on the function chosen.

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ATC Timers & Counters -- Automatic Timing and Controls

400 Series Timers

48 mm Time Delay Relays with 8 or 11 Pins for all timing applications. TDR's are either analog set or digital set, single or multi-function and have universal voltage input and selectable ranges. The 400 Series includes the 425 digital TDR with its blue vacuum florescent display, the 427 Digital Multi-Function TDR and the 417 True Off-Delay TDR with up to 10 minutes of timing

365/375 Series Timers

72 mm Timers with Digital set and Digital Display for all timing applications that require advanced timing features. Timers have 10 amp DPDT relays and NEMA 4 fronts. These timers are the Industry standard in ruggedness and reliability. The 365/375 are programmable for all timing functions.

Motor Driven Mechanical Timers

Industry Standard rugged timers for the replacement of 1/4 DIN round mechanical timers. Timers have up to 20 amp relays and are either analog or digital settable. All timing functions are available.

Percentage Timers

1/4 Din Percentage timers for the control of process heaters or other systems that require a varied on/off continuous sequence.


ATC's 72mm Counters are rugged and reliable and can count to 10 kHz frequencies. Face plates are NEMA 4.

Click on "Automatic Timing and Controls" for MORE ATC!!

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SSAC -- Solid State Advanced Controls

Time Delay Relays

Time Delay Relays all include a combination of a solid state timing circuit and an electromechanical relay output. This combination provides the user with isolation between the operating and load voltages and multiple switching contacts in either SPDT or DPDT forms. Most of the relay contacts are rated 10 amps resistive @ 240 VAC. Many are in the popular octal plug-in package and require the purchase of a socket. Others surface mount with one or two screws and have male 0.25" quick connect terminals. Some are encapsulated to protect the solid state circuitry. A large selection of time delay ranges and adjustment methods are available.

Timing Modules

All popular modes of operation are available in this group of totally solid state timing modules. They contain no moving parts so 100 million operations is typical. They are encapsulated to protect their analog or digital solid state circuitry. A large selection of time delay ranges are available, knob or switch adjustment, or external adjustment, or factory fixed time delays can be ordered.

Flashers and Tower Controls

A complete line of solid state flashers for lamp and buzzer flashing. 50/50 duty cycle, fixed or adjustable flash rates from 10 to 100 fpm. Solid state outputs rated to 30 amps, isolated DPDT relay outputs rated 10 amps resistive.

A complete selection of products for Tower Controls including beacon flashers, Obstruction Lamp Alarm Relays, Flasher and Beacon Alarm Relays and Photo Control for Tower Lighting. SSAC Tower Controls adhere to FCC specifications.

Voltage/Phase Monitors

Three phase voltage monitors provide protection against: phase loss, phase reversal, low voltage, high voltage, and unbalanced voltages. Designed to protect motors and other sensitive loads from voltage faults. Continuously monitors three phase voltages, output transfers when a voltage fault is sensed.

Current Sensors

AC Current Sensors for 0.5 to 50 amp applications. Operations include overcurrent, undercurrent, go/no go, or LED indication. Solid state outputs to 1 amp, or isolated 10 amp rated SPDT relay output. Adjustable or factory fixed trip point and trip delay.

Click on "Solid State Advanced Controls" above for MORE SSAC !

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Saia-- Saia-Burgess Timers

17.5mm DIN Rail Mount Timers

These TDR's save panel space while being convenient. Mounted on a DIN rail and only 17.5 mm in width they have alot of features in a small area. They come in on-delay, off delay, interval, repeat cycle and a Multi function model. The input voltage is also universal from 24-48vDC and 24-240 VAC. The analog set pot is adjustable with a screw driver as are the different range options.The KOL 3 Series has 6 ranges from 1 second to 10 hours and the KOL 1 Series has ranges from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Relay is rated at 1 amp/250 volt

22.5mm DIN Rail Mount Timers

These TDR's are small available with multi-functions. The KOP..K series has 7 different functions including on and off delay, interval, single shot, and repeat cycle.The KOP..K timers have a unique LED displaying the time and output status. These timers have a relays rated at 1.5A/250 and 3A/120.Timers are DIN rail mounted or have an adapter for surface mounting. The KOP..J timer is a single function/ single range timer which is more cost affective.

KOP True Off Delay TDR

The KOP 119K and KOP 219 K TDR's are 22.5 mm true off delay TDR's. The TDR's have a maximum of 10 minute timing, 1.5A/250 relay, have front face screw driver setting potentiometer and are DIN rail mountable for space savings in your panel.

Electro Mechanical timers

1/16 and 1/4 Din Timers for General Industrial use with up to 15A relay outputs. This series includes the KOA push button start timer, the KKH open manual start timer and the KOE (48mm) and KOD (96mm) general purpose timers in either on delay or off delay modes.

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1/16th DIN Time Delay Relays

The Tenor product line includes analog set and digital push button set TDR's with 8 and 11 Pin base connections. The LE3S push button set timer is a multi-function and multi-range TDR.

Solid State "Round" Timers

The Tenor Models 652 and 655 timers are solid state timers designed to retrofit into the "round" case of most electromechanical timers. The Model 653 is a multi-function timer/counter to do either timing or counting in a "round" configuration. These models all have battery back-up memory.

7 Day Weekly Timer

Model LE7D-2 Digital weekly timer can be programmed for individual days or for the week. The digital display is easy to read and the unit is easily programmable. There is a manual override to force the SPDT, 5A contacts to switch.


1/16 DIN or 72x72mm Counters for all counting and totalizing applications. Counters have digital displays with pushbutton programming on the front face hidden behind a door.

Programmable Count/Time Step Controller

The Model 765 microprocessor based controller features 100 control levels or steps, 8 programmable relay outputs, functions with count input signals or timed input with 4 timing ranges values from 0.01 seconds to 99 hours/59 minutes. With its EEPROM memory the 765 can replace cam timers and small PLC's or work in conjunction with PLC's, saving the PLC memory. Relay contacts are rated 5A/250V1250VA resistive. UL Listed.

Other Tenor Products

Tenor also manufactures current monitoring indicating lights, tower lights, strobe lights, buzzers, plug in relays, and limit & reed switches.

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